180lbs to 140lbs – My Transformation

This is odd to admit even though I – and everyone around me – know that I’ve always been the chubby one. The chubby sister (I have 2 others), chubby friend, cousin – you name it. It never really bothered me, until I weighed myself one day and the scale read 180lbs (or about 81kg).

This happened my senior year of high school and with the looming freshman 15, I knew that was not an option for me. Luckily, I didn’t mind eating healthy. I don’t hate vegetables and fruits, and I’m not tempted by sweets. Put potato chips in front of me and I suddenly have no self-control! I can’t be the only one!

Anyway, I applied to study abroad before my first term at college and was accepted. This became crucial in my food choices because when I arrived in Dublin, Ireland there were no meal plans. I enjoy food shopping, and there was a little farmers market right on my walk home from classes! I enjoyed stopping there every 2-3 days and picking out fresh vegetables and fruits. Then getting chicken and eggs at a normal grocery store.

At the same time, I became more familiar with fitness youtubers like Matty Fusaro (who later coached me with macros, lifting, and cardio), Nikki Blackketter, Maxx Chewning, and a few others. Anywho, Matty and Nikki influenced me the most to learn about macronutrients (macros) and calories.

I remember downloading MyFitnessPal, not having a food scale, and just estimating how much I was eating. I didn’t have a scale so I had no idea how much I was actually losing, but I FELT healthier.

Back from Ireland

Eventually I started doing calisthenics in my small-ass bedroom. I’m talking body-weight squats, modified push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, and anything I could do in a narrow space. I actually even did squats and deadlifts holding my carry-on suitcase and would put things in it to add weight!! Dedication, right?

Well working out and focusing on myself was my outlet. I had some friends, but they weren’t like my REAL friends. We were all friends because we were in the same boat – across the ocean from home. I didn’t have much in common with my roommates, but they were super sweet! So focussing on my health and how I was feeling was all I could do. All I WANTED to do. 

When everyone went out to clubs, I would seldom go. If I did I barely drank, maybe had a bite of food, but typically I knew it would make me feel crappy. This set the tone for coming back to the States and being on campus where I actually have access to a gym!

I still wouldn’t weigh myself, but I would write my own workout programs and invite friends to come with me. Both of the friends didn’t stick to working out, sadly. So the gym became my “me time.” Hence falling more in love with it.

Seeing differences!

At this point I was SEEING differences in my body. My ass was rounder, triceps were beginning to be defined, biceps were growing, back was leaning out. It was different. I was always the chubby friend and now I was seeing muscles I never saw before!

Fast forward to last year where I was stuck at about 160lbs. (I

finally started weighing myself). I went through a horrible break up where I didn’t eat for longer than I care to admit, didn’t lift, go to class – nothing. Some of my closest friends encouraged me to go back to the gym and hang out with them and it made me feel better. I began to rely on the gym for my happiness (even more than my friends)!

Back at 160lbs 😦

Ultimately, I decided I wanted someone to hold me accountable. *Cue looking into fitness you tubers who offer online coaching* I was between *shocker* Matty and Nikki. Matty was a little more expensive, but offered more services, so I chose him. I also know he struggled with his weight and being chubby and that brought a sense of comfort to me. Through his macros, coaching, and guidance I lost 8-10lbs in 8 weeks. I fell off the wagon at one point, but found my way back.

After my 8 week session with him I was on vacation from school so I didn’t have the money to continue working with him. (I worked while in school). I stuck to his workout program, but managed my own macros. I followed intermittent fasting and If It Fits Your Macros (iifym), I lifted 4 days a week with his program and 1 extra day that I just threw in for fun. I did a little cardio everyday, but not for more than 15 minutes.

I hit a weightless plateau around 155lbs, began my internship and dating my current boyfriend and gained 8lbs!! I was horrified. I immediately tracked my macros more strictly and made sure not to skip a workout. Then I got stuck at 155lbs again!!

I was stuck for 3-4 weeks and I told my boyfriend “Fuck this shit. I might as well just eat anything since I’m not losing.” He encouraged me to stay on track and the following week 3lbs just dropped! Then the fire in me re-ignited and I was that much more focussed.

Today I am 140lbs, and I still have more to lose (maybe 20lbs?).

Bloated as fuck in Mexico, but worth it.

The point?

Weight loss is never linear! You will fall off the wagon, you will gain weight back, and you will hit plateaus – the horrors.

But. You will overcome it, and you will lose the weight. Trust the process, try to stay on track, and the results will come.

Side note: If you feel like following the rest of my journey my social media is listed below:

Instagram/Youtube: MeaganLaCubana

More fitness-y Instagram: CubanChronciles8292

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  1. Well done this is amazing 😊❤


  2. You are welcome keep going!! 😊❤ if you have a chance pls check my blog out too🙈🙉

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